// e3 = Energy efficient equipment

The diagram shows the energy costs and CO2 emission (according to German Energy Mix) in relation to the connected electrical power, together with the potential settings to be made by using newest UV technology - based on the total UV system per annum.

There are two significant factors involved in increasing efficiency: The use of optimized components and their perfect coordination with each other. All the important components of the BLK®-6, such as the reflectors, lamps and electronic parts are developed together with our partner IST-Metz in-house. Using ray tracing technology, we optimize our systems in terms of UV output and IR radiation. With high efficiency and low output in standby operation, energy consumption is noticeably reduced – a further contribution towards saving costs. The new BLK®-6 taps the full potential for saving energy costs, without compromising on quality or production Speed.  The BLK®-6 has been graded as particularly energy-efficient by the German Professional Association for Printing and Paper Processing and therefore bears the label “energy-minimized UV printing”. Furthermore, as a world-first in its class, the BLK®-6 has received the “DGUV Test” seal of approval (previously the GS Mark). The seal is a valid and legally regulated test symbol for product safety that is recognized throughout Europe