Infrarot - ModulDry

// Modular means

  • The infrared dryer is built as modular cassette system.
  • Each dryer cassette is equipped with 4 short wave, NIR or medium wave emitter
  • Through a reflector plate, the rear radiation is reflected evenly on the drying surface.
  • The lamp area is protected by a glass plate and guide bars against the ingress of sheets and pieces of paper
  • The system is available in 2 power classes

// Our unique air management

The cooling & process air is directed through the emitter area and is fed into the drying area in the inlet area of the dryer cassette as hot process air to absorb the moisture

  • The quartz plate has only a temperature under 150 °C -> lower danger of fire
  • The hot-air-nozzle makes effective process air available and helps cleaning the surface of the dryer from dust

// With the Power Management you save energy

  • Control of the dryer via modern touch panel (all machine interfaces possible)
  • Each cassette can be controlled individually according to the needs of the printing process
  • The power of each drying module can be infinitely adjusted from 0-100%
  • The emitters of each cassette are monitored. A failure is displayed.
  • The configuration of the dryer modules can be saved per order.

// Savety First - Our ToolBox

Even though our IR drying systems are build as save as possible there is still a small prossibilty that a fire can occure. For this we provide in our ToolBox additional safety features. You can choose between:

  • SafetyGuard - light curtain observing the surface of the drying unit
  • SentryCam - HD digital camera observing the area of the drying unit
  • PowerDropDown - Swing down the dryer at machine stop