// Why Dust Removal?... because Dust reduces Quality and Productivity

Dust and loose particles are a big problem in the printing industry:

  • Dust adheres to the printing plates, so the ink won’t lay down properly creating hickeys and other print defects in these areas
  • The dust mixes with the ink, adhering to the printing plate and or the Anilox, eventually re-depositing on the board leading to spots and defects on the printed image spoiling the finished print quality.

// Frequent machine stoppages, required to clean the print plates, result in significant non-productive press downtime. 


//So how CAN you remove that dust...?

In the corrugator

By cleaning, early in the process, the web/sheets in the corrugator; plastic, metal, dust particles, and paper strips and angel-hairs will be removed. The total amount of dust pollution in the plant will be reduced.

This will create a positive effect on all printing machines in the entire plant and will have a significant, favorable effect on the overall plant health and safety part of your health & safety objectives.

And / Or just prior to the print process

Dust and particle removal is highly recommended for printing machines with a high volume of HQ printing. Therefore cleaning the sheets before the first print unit is judicious. Dust adheres to the board the surface by a robust static charge. Even one dust spot will spoil the quality of the printing potentially leading to a press stoppage and expensive downtime.