// Save time and money

The cleaning of printing plates during your production process wastes a lot of time.

We asked some of our customers who didn’t have an automatic plate cleaning system to estimate how much of time they lose for washing plates, each year.

They answered that:

20-25% of the effective machine production time is wasted for cleaning.

To put that number into context: A print facility with a 2 shift operation of 3000 hr./year would need 600–750 hours/year just for plate cleaning. That’s time that the printing machine is not productive.

// Why do I need to clean so often?

There are 3 fundamental situations when plate cleaning is usually necessary:

  • Cleaning after job set up due to ink drying on the plates during the approval process wait-time
  • Interim cleaning after 3000-4000 sheets due to dust or dry ink defects
  • Cleaning after the end of the job

// We have two inline options to offer!

Quick Plate Cleaner (QPC)

Duo-Technik’s QPC is a machine-integrated system that cleans dry ink and dust defects from the print plates without stopping the machine. This quick cleaning process, during printing, takes about 2 minutes with only about 8-10 waste boards.  However, final cleaning is not possible.

Auto Clean System (ACS)

Duo-Technik’s ACS is also a machine integrated system which is able to make interim plate cleaning which takes only 6 minutes and a effective final plate deep cleaning that takes only two minutes. The printing machine has to be stopped during the cleaning process.

Final Plate Cleaner (FPC)

With the Final Plate Cleaner you can optimize your cleaning of clichés outside the printing press. Whether locally at each printing machine or centrally for all printing presses, Duo-Technik offers all sizes of 1600 mm width up to 3600 mm in width. Also special sizes on request.

Ultimate Cliche Cleaner (UCC)

Duo-Technik sells for many years cleaning systems. So we were able to make positive and negative experiences with cleaning soaps for cliche. On base of all this experience we developed our own soap for cleaning. This soap cleans well and damages not the equipment. Test on your own.