Ultimate Cliche Cleaner (UCC)

Ultimate Cliche Cleaner

Efficient and powerful cleaning action for printing plate

// Why you need an effective cleaner for printing plates?

Printing plates needs to be cleaned very often:

  • Cleaning after setting due to dried-ink
  • Cleaning after approximately 3,000 to 4,000 sheets for dust or dried-ink
  • Cleaning at the end of a printing job

Our special cleaner masters these situations quickly and easily.

// Features

The Duo-Technik Ultimate-Cliché-Cleaner is an alkaline special cleaner for the thorough and safe cleaning of clichés. Dust and dried ink is removed without residues. This special cleaner is optimally matching to our Quick Plate Cleaner (QPC), our Final Plate Cleaner (FPC) and our Auto Clean System (ACS). It ensures a high production quality and reduces the downtime of the machine.

// Application  

The cleaner should be in a mixing ratio of 1:10 diluted.

// Packaging

Available are the following package sizes:

30 liter / 200 liter / 1.000 liter (ask us for a free sample)

Downlaod Saftey Data Sheet as a PDF