// UV varnishes and inks are hardened (cured) - and not dried

The coating curing process uses ULTRA-VIOLET light  energy from the visible spectrum in wave lengths from 200 to 480 nm. UV energy “cures“ inks and varnishes in a fraction of a second. A UV curing system consists essentially of the following components:

  • UV lamps,
  • Reflectors,
  • Lamp housings,
  • Cooling systems 
  • Intelligent operating and control systems
  • Additional options can also be added as desired

Duo-Technik manufactures to the highest quality standards; with meticulous calibration of the UV units and the seamless integration of the UV system into the production process.

// With conventional drying, the liquid in the coating is evaporated by warm air or InfraRed energy. The dry film thickness is thinner than the wet coating thickness
// Ultraviolet curing is a photochemical process using high-intensity UV light to instantly cure or “harden” inks and coatings. The actual coating thickness remains unchanged.