We offer the full range of IR emitter on our ColorCure NT

On our ColorCure NT system you can choose which kind of IR emitter is the best for your drying solution.

Our standard are medium wave emitter but you can also choose short wave emitter or a hybrid combination.

// The savest-ever InfraRed dryer

  1. Air as process air absorbs the humidity and lead it away
  2. Air for cooling the IR emitter guarantee a longer life time of the emitter
  3. Air as safety barrier for paper and dust and as air pad over the dryer which is under the flaming point of paper
  4. Due to the air management the temperature is under the flaming point of paper – means the risk of fire is minimized

The air can be provide by integrated ventilators or external ventilator depending on the situation at your machine.

// Savety First - Our ToolBox

Even though our IR drying systems are build as save as possible there is still a small prossibilty that a fire can occure. For this we provide in our ToolBox additional safety features. You can choose between:

  • SafetyGuard - light curtain observing the surface of the drying unit
  • SentryCam - HD digital camera observing the area of the drying unit
  • PowerDropDown - Swing down the dryer at machine stop