// How does a Corona System work?

  • This system has upper and lower electrodes.
  • Both electrodes have a voltage of 15 000 volts and alternate between positive and negative, 7000 times per second
  • A corona field between the electrodes is created, ensuring that all particles on the board surface between the electrodes are polarized
  • Since the corona field exists only at maximum energy, during the interim periods the dust now with a static charge will move toward one of the two electrodes.
  • The detached dust particles from both of the surfaces and will be collected at the electrodes, and vacuum exhausted away.
  • Both sides of the board is cleaned.

This design is especially made for fine paper dust. Additionally to remove metallic particles and/or angel-hairs the system has two fixed brushes at the board infeed side. 

// How efficient is our system?

Again, the efficiency of the system will depend on the process; plant cleanliness, the precision of the edge trim-ming process and the type of boards in use. Nevertheless, a reasonable goal of 4000-5000 sheets/hour, without stoppages caused by dust-related issues, is easily attained. The Return On Investment of our system is between 18 – 24 months.

// What additional options are available?

  • Depending on the machine, an automatic board thickness adjustment option is available
  • In plants with severe angel-hair problems, adding a rotating brush in front is possible
  • Where a dust collecting system is not available, our Centrifugal Dust Collector can be installed.

// This board cleaning system can only be installed on these machines!

The system can be installed only on Bobst Flexo, Bobst Flexo Vision, Bobst Dynaflex, Bobst Masterflex A, L & HD.