// Filtering ink is often overlooked, but should never be forgotten!

Usually uncovered, the ink pail is a catch-all for all kinds of debris and contaminants. An in-line corrosion-resistant coating filter designed to remove ferrous (doctor blade wear) and non-ferrous contaminating particles. The filter using powerful rare-earth magnets housed in a conical shaped tube is designed to ensure efficient coating flow- through with little or no turbulence.

  • Protect your aniloxes and printing plates
  • Say good-bye to contamination
  • Tool-free easy maintenance

// It is easy to maintain

Unscrew the knob, remove the cap, and the strainer and just wipe down the magnetic tube - the collected metallic particles will fall off on the rag because of the non-magnetic tube tip


// Guaranteed satisfaction

  • Dampens coating flow surges
  • Increases anilox lifetime
  • Improves coating consistency
  • Reduces print defects
  • Improves print quality
  • Removes ferrous particles from coatings
  • Reduces coating clogging
  • Maintains debris-free coatings
  • Increases press uptime
  • Easy tool-free maintenance