Duo-Technik’s QPC is a machine-integrated system that cleans dry ink and dust defects from the print plates without stopping the machine. This quick cleaning process, during printing, takes about 2 minutes with only about 8-10 waste boards.  However, final cleaning is not possible.

// What is it used for?

Cleaning of specific dust-related defects on the printing plates – can be used at the discretion of the operator during production

  • Increases quality output while reducing the machine down-time required for cleaning

Continuous (automatic, cyclic) cleaning of the printing plates during production

  • Particularly recommended for “process” jobs, to improve overall job quality while reducing down-time of the machine required for cleaning of dried ink on the plates.

Quick plate cleaning during a sheet feeder stop

  • Faster startup of the machine after press jam up or feeder stop. Down-time for cleaning is reduced to a minimum; creating only 8-10 waste boards.

// How does it work?

The system consists of a moveable clea-ning head with a unique rotating sponge. The cleaning head travels along the prin-ting cylinder, removing dust and dried ink. The sponge head distance to the printing cylinder can be set through the touch panel in micrometers (0.1mm). After cleaning the printing plates, the cleaning head returns to the integrated docking station where the sponge is clea-ned waiting for the next cleaning cycle.

// What are its unique features?

The cleaning head is cleaned inside the printing machine

  • resulting in a long lifetime of the cleaning head and sponge and reduced replacement costs.
  • Not only does the cleaning head and sponge last longer their replacement costs are lower than competitive type products.

 The cleaning head is automatically set to the printing plate thickness

  • Shorter set up times necessary for job set-up.Optionally, the Duo-Technik Final Cleaning Station (FCS) can also be added.

The cleaning head can also be cleaned outside the machine

  • Lower replacement spare part costs

//Optionally, the Duo-Technik Final Cleaning Station (FCS) can also be added!