Since the launch of Duo-Technik in 1989, the company has evolved from a sales organization to an engineering organization which is able to provide the full range of auxiliary equipment for the printing industry. Duo-Technik benefited from the trends of demand for new products or increased design performance. Our product range comprises:

  • infrared and hot-air dryers for water based inks and varnish applications
  • Dust removal for Sheets and web machines
  • UV curing systems for inks and varnishes
  • ink management systems
  • Washing Systems for printing plates & anilox
  • Vacuum transport systems for sheets

This full range of products makes Duo-Technik the only complete System-provider worldwide in the printing industry.

Milestone history of Duo-Technik:

1989    Duo-Technik is founded

1990    Development of the FIRST hot-air dryer for offline printers

1992    Development of the FIRST dust removal for sheets

1994    Collaboration with IST-Metz GmbH for construction of UV curing units

1997    FIRST inline plate cleaning system (Auto Clean System)

1998    FIRST expansion increase manufacturing capacity

2000    Development of the FIRST vacuum transportation

2001    Second expansion to increase manufacturing capacity

2002    Development of the high speed dryer for inline printers

2004    Unification of the administrative offices at the manufacturing facilities

2007    Development of our ink cooling system

2009    Development of the innovative Infrared drying system

2010    Integration of ink cooling with viscosity & pH control

2013    Development of the Quick Plate Cleaner (QPC)

2014    Development of offline cliché cleaning and anilox cleaning

2015    Duo-technik Americas is created

2016    Service agreement with Contract Assembly Services of Green Bay WI, USA


Our products are being used on more than 600 flexographic printing machines worldwide. Be it Europe, the Americas, Asia or Africa. 

Duo-Technik will help you make your production plants run more efficiently, effectively and safely.

We have references world-wide… just ask us for one!

We thank our customers who joined with us, and we are looking forward to forge a partnership with you.