Infrared Dryer

When considering an Infrared dryer the most important element that you need to know is what type of Infrared emitter system is being used?

 // It is Duo-Technik’s firm conviction that incorporating IR medium wave emitters is the right engineering decision. Why?

Medium wave emitters will evaporate water more quickly since water naturally absorbs IR energy most efficiently in this range.

(1) Because of the very low core temperature of the medium wave emitter and an efficient air flow design, the maximum temperature above the dryer is 250° F, well below the flashpoint of paper

(2) With a positively pressurised area above the IR lamps, the potential of dust or paper particles falling on the IR lamps is eliminated.

As a result …

(3) A power robbing quartz glass above the IR lamps is not necessary, so the full power of the IR lamps is available, delivering the best results using less power.

(4) This design allows the dryer to be used for less complicated jobs when an ambient air temperature will suffice, another energy-saving feature.…The dryer can be used for more simple jobs as an ambient air dryer which saves a lot of energy and resources.

Even though our IR hybrid drying system is designed to be extremely safe, to eliminate any possibility of a potential safety concern, we also incorporate a laser curtain to shut down the IR lamps immediately if and when a board or part of a board comes in close contact with the IR lamps.