Highspeed Dryer

// It can't get any smaller!

The high-speed air dryer was specifically developed for printing machines where 

  • there is not enough space for a standard hot air dryer 
  • the installation of an infrared dryers for safety reasons is not suitable

Here are the particulars of our high-speed air dryers: 

  • they require minimal space (2 to 5 inches) for the installation of an interim dryer.
  • Small diameter supply air piping (1.25")
  • Extremely safe, no fire hazard

The hot air is generated using a special oil-free compressor. The temperature of the is increased by compressing it. At pressures between 30 and 50 PSI, drying temperatures between 140 ° F and 410 ° F can be achieved. By adjusting the air pressure the operator can set the temperature required.

The compressors can be equipped with soft starter or a frequency converter. When equipped with frequency  converters also individual interim dryers can be controlled, reducing energy consumption. This allows the high-speed air dryer, despite using electrical energy to be more energy efficient than an infrared dryer. 

We have 50  high-speed air dryers in service world-wide. You can read about our satisfied customers and their results in the "Cost Effective Solution" brochure. 

Interim Dryer 110 mm
Special Nozzle 50 mm
Flexible Air Piping
Compressor to create the warm air